‘Kanak Bhavan’ was a Gilded Palace where Lord Ram and Mother Sita dwelt in Treta Yuga. In the beginning of Dwapar Yuga it was restored as a memorial for Lord Ram by Maharaja Kush, the Lord’s elder son. In the middle of Dwapar Yuga it was rebuilt by Maharaja Rishabha Deo. It was visited by Lord Krishna by the end of Dwapar Yuga.

During Kali Yuga, it was first constructed by Maharaja Vikramaditya in Yudhisthira Era 2431, which was subsequently expanded and repaired by Maharaja Samudra Gupta in Vikram Samvat 444. Unfortunately, it was laid to ruin by S. Salarjung in Vikram Samvat 1084.

The present magnificent ‘Kanak Bhavan Temple’ was built by Maharani Vrishbhan Kunwar, the royal consort of H.H. Maharaja Sawai Mahendra Sir Pratap Singh Ju Deo, G.C.S.I., G.C.I.E. of the Royal State of Orchha, and formally consecrated in Vikram Samvat 1948 (C.E. 1891), Vaisakha Sudi 6th, Guru Pushya Nakshatra.

In the main Sanctum of the Temple there are 3 Pairs of idols of the Deities, Lord Ram and Mother Sita. The first Pair of Deities on the right-hand side, as viewed by the devotee, is the one that was consecrated by Maharani Vrishbhan Kunwar; the Pair on the left-hand side is the one that was installed in the ancient Temple constructed by Maharaja Vikramaditya; and the Pair on the step below is said to be the one that was consecrated by Lord Krishna during his visit to this holy place.

This Temple is on a “must visit” list of all pilgrims who come to Ayodhya; in fact if one does not come to Kanak Bhavan Temple one feels that the trip has been in vain.

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For specific information, advice on donations, guidance or help:

Contact Manager, Ajai Kumar Chhawchharia

Mobile no. +919451290400

Email: [email protected]


If you wish to make any DONATION or CONTRIBUTION to the Kanak Bhavan Temple, Ayodhya, you are most welcome to do so by directly crediting the amount to the following Bank A/c of Kanak Bhavan Temple by any mean that is convenient to you—such as by cheque, cash, or any of the on-line methods now available, e.g. RTGS, NEFT, UPI, etc.

Bank Details for making Donation/Contribution to Temple:

Name of Account: Manager Kanak Bhavan

Bank’s Name: Punjab National Bank

Bank’s Branch: NayaGhat, Ayodhya.

Bank Account Number: 3865000100075915

IFSC Code of Bank: PUNB0386500

Please inform Manager at following email about the donation so proper track can be kept and a receipt of the amount made. In case you send your full address on this email, the Temple receipt will be sent to you by post:

Email for informing about Donation or Contribution: [email protected]


Open hours today: 8:30 am - 11:30 am
  • Monday

    8:30 am - 11:30 am4:30 pm - 9:30 pm

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  • September 30, 2020 3:38 pm local time

Planning A Trip

Kanak Bhavan Temple is the chief Temple of the holy pilgrimage town of Ayodhya. It is located approx. 1 Km. from the Railway Station or the Bus Station.

The Temple is easily accessible from all points of Ayodhya, as it is at the center of the old part of the town.

Easy transport available by e-rickshaws etc.

Summer: Morning Shift: 8.30 am—11.30 am
Evening Shift: 4.30 pm—9.30 pm

Winter: Morning Shift: 9 am—12 pm
Evening Shift: 4 pm—9 pm

(C) FOOD:-
When you visit Kanak Bhavan Temple and need a place where you can eat pure vegetarian food made from good quality ingredients and cooked in pure Ghee from cow’s milk, you can have your meals at a RESTAURANT in the Temple complex.

Details of the Restaurant are as follows:

Timing: Morning Shift (breakfast): 8 am—to—10 am.
Morning/Noon Shift (lunch): 10 am—to—3 pm.
Evening Shift (dinner): 7 pm—to—10 pm.

Offerings: (i) Breakfast; (ii) Lunch; (iii) Dinner

(i) Breakfast—5 Pooris + Vegetable curry. Price = INR Rs. 20/-

(ii) Lunch and Dinner—Based on “Thaali System”

(a) Ordinary Thaali (General Restaurant): Vegatable Curry 2 types (with and without soup/gravy), Daal-fry, Rice, Roti (bread) with Ghee spread, Chuttney (sauce). Servings are full plate, and without restriction of quantity of food, till the diner is satisfied.
Rate: INR Rs. 60/- each Thaali.

(b) Special Thaali (Air Conditioned Restaurant): Paneer-Sabji, Cooked Vegetables (without soup or gravy), Daal-fry, Rice, Roti (bread) with Ghee spread, Chutney (sauce), Achar (pickles), Papad, Raita (made from fresh curd), Green Salad.
Rate: INR Rs. 150/- each Thaali.

(iii) ‘Fast Food’ also available.

For Food/Restaurant Booking: Contact—Munish Kumar Sharma.
Mobile no. +91-9889168633
Whatsap no. +91-8924056701


Simple accommodation available in ‘Temple Dharmshala’. There are 2 types of rooms—ordinary and special.

Ordinary Rooms: Each room has 2 beds and attached toilet & bath.
Rate: INR Rs. 150/-

Special Rooms: Each room has a Diwan Bed (broad beds of traditional fashion), attached kitchenette and toilet & bath.
Rate: INR Rs. 250/- to 300/-

Dormitory Beds: Arrangements are being made. Will be available soon.

Contact details: Name—Ghanshyam (Dharmshala incharge/assistant)
Mobile no. +91-9450448499

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