Temple Management

A program designed to support marketing, promotion and administration of temples so that it could generate more employment for the locals.

Map My Temple is currently offering operational management for temples. However, we are working on technology based solutions to integrate different functions and help temples be more organized and centralized.

The objective of temple management is to work with the management and help them showcase rich heritage, history and culture of temples in India along with managing their operations. This will not only help in temple promotion but will also help in generating employment for the locals.

We work with temples on chargeable basis in executing following modules:

Module 1 – Temple Promotion and Basic Administration:

Its one time training and consulting project, specially designed to provide a road-map to management of the temple.The program includes following benefits:

  • How to showcase heritage, history and culture related to the temple
  • How to collaborate with the locals
  • Annual schedule for events
  • Different ways to promote the events along with participation
  • Identify social cause that temple could work on and how they could collaborate with the locals
  • Utilizing existing infrastructure
  • Integrate themselves with latest technologies
  • Use of internet and social media
  • Facilities to people associated with the temple
  • And most important managing biodegradable products used for offering (such as flowers) in rituals

Module 2 – End to End Temple Management:

In this module we collaborate with the management of the temple and offer end to end management of the temple which includes the following:

  • Day to day operation
  • Branding
  • Events and Promotion
  • Utilizing existing infrastructure
  • Integrating technology
  • Work on social cause with the locals
  • Providing facilities to local
  • Building online presence
  • Managing biodegradable products used for offering (such as flowers) in rituals

Please Contact Us for the above or for any specific query regarding temple management.

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